Monday, 11 November 2013

Post ~ Great Grains (cranberry almond crunch)

Anyone tasted Post Great Grains? 

I had tried some flavours of the Great Grains but this is something very very nice, which is out of my expectation at all. I didn't know why I never buy this before. May be because I had the impression that cranberries are sour...  haha... don't know why I have that impression at the first place. 

This is it.... Great Grains - cranberry almond crunch... This is awesome!!!

This taste is so nice, the almonds and the multigrains inside are so crunchy... the dried cranberries didn't taste too sour, and the sweetness is just nice as I'm never fancy of sweet thing. I had tried the banana nut crunch and crunchy pecans before. But at this moment, I think this cranberry almond crunch will be the top of those that I tasted. 

Last but not least, cereals must come together with milk. Oopss... the milk is too shallow, cannot see from this photo. Guess what, this is my supper... LOL... No one say cereals cannot be taken for supper, right? Besides that, it is never a compulsory to take cereals as breakfast. You can mix and match on your own as long as you know your portion (or in another way, you know your limit)... hehe... 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Dinner & Lunch Box Preparation

My dinner and lunch box? Wondering why dinner and lunch box is prepared together? Let's see the explanation. 

I prepare both of my dinner and lunch box together. The dinner is took soon after everything is prepared while another portion of my dinner will be inserted into my lunch box for my lunch the next day. I believe for those who always cook at home, you will know that it is never easy to cook small meal for 1 or 2 person. Therefore, you need to prepare larger meal each time when you cook. Well, I definitely cannot finish 2 person's size meal for my dinner alone, that is why I prepare more and another extra portion will served as my lunch the next day. What a good idea, huh? hehe... 

Let's see what I prepared for myself...Luxurious huh? hehe... 

I prepared stir fried lady fingers, egg fried together with tomatoes and ABC soup. Everything is included in my meal. Carbohydrate, protein and fiber... the so-called dietitian's Healthy and balanced meal...hehe... 

The vegetable is easy to prepare especially when you use the non stick pan. Another name of lady fingers is okra. Lady fingers usually contain a lot of mucous thing when they come into contact with water. Try to minimize the usage of water in the dishes and try to use non stick pan, it really helps a lot. 

Next, the egg which fried together with tomatoes. This is my first time preparing that. I fried the chopped tomatoes with little oil, then put in the beaten egg. The aroma is so nice, the tomatoes become so sweet after cooking. A simple yet delicious dishes... 

ABC soup is another easy food to prepare. Cut all the vegetables (onion, carrot, potatoes, and tomatoes) and boiled with lots of water. I cut the vegetables into smaller pieces so that everything will be cooked well faster. 

I took half of the food here and packed another half portion for my lunch box the next day. Two meals prepared together, easy and time-saving as well. Good idea for everyone who works.... 


Friday, 25 October 2013

Relaxing ward helps relaxing your mind...

Today saw patient in PSY ward... Let's check out what they actually having inside the ward to help keeping patients' mind calmed and relaxed.... hehe...

There are a few activities done in ward for that purpose. They have karaoke system for singing k, they have several art activities and games. There is also a ping pong table for recreation. Not bad, huh?

This is the key chain and accessories that the patients prepared from cotton and cloth. So colourful, isn't it?

The ward also prepares congkak , allowed the patients to play game with it. I learnt to play this from a therapist, that was my first try for this traditional game, it is very interesting!

Here's another activity that they do in ward, preparing the floor cloth by recycling the old cloth... See the photo below, not bad, huh?

That was a patient's hand making the floor cloth. This patient can do it very fast, it was so speedy until I don't even able to see how it was done. Haha.. Practice really makes perfect!

Let's look at the final piece of hard work that the patient did before. It is so colorful, isn't it?

Here goes my a-few-hours-trip in the ward... Hehe... :)

PS: Relaxing activities in relaxing ward to relax the mind... 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Party Noodle at Bulgogi Brother...

Hihi... I'm back with food... hehe...

This time I visited Bulgogi Brother. This is my second time there and still, I would like to say the menu choices are so limited, unless you are going there for the BBQ. Each ala carte will be served with refillable Korean side dishes. And often, you tends to stuff yourself with the delicious side dishes before moving on with your main dishes, just like me.. hehe... Opps, forgot to take the photo of the side dishes.

One thing that I notice after I visited so many Korean restaurant, they serve a lot of carbohydrate when you order the rice and noodle menu. The carbohydrate amount is so huge, while the protein content is far lesser. The situation will be different if you order BBQ, that will be a lot of protein, but lack of carbohydrate and vegetables. 

This time, I ordered Party Noodle. Here is the photo of my food. 

One big bowl of glass noodle with salty clear soup. Nothing much protein inside, only the tofu pok is available, and of course, some small little vegetables inside. As you can see from the photo, the carbohydrate content is so huge, that most of the food itself is the noodle. It filled up the whole big bowl after mixing up everything. 

What a large portion of carbohydrate they served! For those diabetics out there, beware of what you are eating!

But there is one thing that I like the most -- the corn tea... I like tea and corn tea definitely give you another unique aroma which is different from Chinese tea and Japanese green tea. Hard to describe here, but as I know, not everyone will like the taste of it. Hehe... 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Burger Lab ~ Swisstake burger

Hi... I'm back, yes, back with food again... haha.. Missed my blog so much...

I went to Burger Lab again.. Yes, again...  I went there once, tried out the burger, it was nice indeed, but it 's never good to queue for so long, especially when you are starving. Burger Lab has been opened for quite some time, but the queue outside of the shop is never short. I waited for 1 hour for the burger. But I felt that they served faster compare to my first visit there. Well, that is a good improvement then. 

I actually accompanied my friend. My friend never try this burger even though listen to it many times. Thanks to the long chit-chating so that I didn't really focus on how much time I spent to queue for it. 

Last time I ordered A+ burger. This time, I ordered Swisstake burger, a burger with swiss cheese, shitake mushroom... Here is the photo of it.. Actually all the burgers look the same from outside, only the filling is different. Here's my set meal with my favourite french fries !!! I like the fries the most compare to the burger, it taste very nice with the aroma of the herbs they put in together with the fries... LOVE IT!!! 

Forgot to check on the menu, do they serve fries alone??? I prefer the fries.. hehe... 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Panettone ~ Italian Sweet Bread

Yesterday went Jusco to have my groceries shopping, and saw this cute little muffin-like cake. Well, it really looks like a muffin for me. Actually I saw this cake before, but never dare to try it out since I don't really fancy the texture of a muffin.

So, yesterday, I plucked up the courage to buy this little cutie as my today's breakfast. So here is it now... Panettone!!!!

I google it today to check out what is all this Panettone about. According to wikipedia, Panettone is a kind of sweet bread loaf originated from Italy. Yes, it is bread, not muffin. What a relieve to know that... haha... 

It is usually prepared and enjoyed during Christmas and New Year in western countries. It contains citron, lemon zest and raisins. The texture is similar to a bread, may be harder compare to normal soft bread. The taste is nice, not too much of dried fruits inside, therefore the taste is not very sweet. Like it!

Seems like I'm eating this panettone too it is not yet Christmas now, not even near to it... haha...

PS:  Luckily I bought it and gave myself a chance to taste it. Thinking of a situation when you are about to do a decision, things like that might be happening all the time. You are not familiar with something, but if you never try it out, you will never know how it gonna be, just like this panettone, if I never pluck up my courage to buy it and still having the impression that it will be tasted like a muffin, then I will never know the taste, you might be seeing me calling this little cutie as MUFFIN the next time I saw this bread around. Well, I'm relieved... yes, relieved... 

Monday, 5 August 2013

I had visited BookFest @ Malaysia 2013 (Popular Book Fair) , how about you???

I went to the BookFest. This time the BookFest has grown as the exhibition area is bigger (that is what I think, well, it is organised once a year, don't really able to remember too much, hehe...)

But there is one thing for sure, which is the crowd of people is still very very huge.. My advice, try to avoid public holiday (Hari Raya) if you can, as the crowd during public holiday will be far more bigger, truly people mountain people sea...

I'm quite lucky as the day when I went there, the crowd is still manageable, at least you are not stuck, but perhaps a little bit of traffic jam there.

According to my past experience, more discount will be given at the end of the BookFest as there might be a need to sell off the books before the books are transferred out of the BookFest. So it is an advantage for them who visit during the last few days of the BookFest. 

Every year, a booklet will be provided when you purchased the entry ticket which cost you about RM2.50 for adult, free entry for those who are less than 18 years old and above 60 years old. Inside the book, all the discounted items are stated and you can go through the book first before aim for the item you want. The special discount on certain day will also stated inside. Therefore, READ it first so that you won't miss out any item that you longed for... 

I bought a few books, yeah, a few, compare to my last visit which I bought A LOT...hehe... 

Some English books and Mandarin one..

All these books have been in my shopping list for quite sometime, but of course, I will waited for the BookFest to get a better price of them, save money is a great knowledge, huh....

Another thing that I'm proud of is the 2 in 1 bag that I bought in the BookFest. This is sold in the stationery section at the 3rd floor. Now, let me show you how my 2 in 1 bag functions.... 

From the first picture, it is a sling bag, colourful and attractive indeed, right? Now let's see how it transforms....

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6
How is it? nice? It transforms from a sling bag into a backpack, so convenient to bring it around, where you can transform it whenever you need. A good TRANSFORMER... LOL....

Well, this is also a discounted item. The usual price is RM 69.90, after discount, guess what, it is only RM35, a 50% discount for the item. Good deal, huh? 

Last but not least, magazines.... I bought 2 English magazine and see how much items given FOC for me? Those are all samples given to first 1500 customers (if I'm not mistaken, can't really remember it, but I'm sure this is first come first serve basis...)

The magazines are only RM6 and RM8 each, but the free gift given is far more costly than the one I spent, another good deal... LOL...

This is my shopping in the BookFest, how about yours??? Visit it from 3rd August till 11th August, don't miss it!

Friday, 2 August 2013

BookFest @ Malaysia 2013 第八届海外华文书市

Hurray.... First, I would like to welcome back BookFest @ Malaysia. One of my favourite event of the year!

BookFest will be held on 3rd till 11th August 2013. The venue will be at Hall 1 to 5 (Ground Floor) Grand Ballroom & Banquet Hall (Level 3) , Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre KLCC and open from 10am to 10pm.

Further information can be obtained from

I went there twice and it is really a good place to visit. Lots and lots of books and stationeries are available. Most important thing is that you can get very cheap price for your favourite book.

I already have the shopping list with me.
See you there!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Is Milk Tea a healthy drink???

I believe all of you might be thinking, milk tea is fatty and unhealthy, why dietitian still taking? Haha... Well, first, dietitian is also normal human being like you all do, so dietitian still taking bad food. 

Milk tea can be found in many variety, such as Teh tarik (famous drink for Malaysian), Taiwanese bubble tea and Hong Kong style milk tea (this is obviously Hong Kong's famous drink, hehe.... ).

The main ingredients of preparing all these milk tea are creamer and sugar. Of course, these are very fattening and unhealthy, but if you are drinking teh tarik, teh si and yuanyang (鴛鴦) everyday, this drink does not make a difference from all of the drinks that you took on daily basis.

The good thing is, dietitian might be a little bit more health concious in which you will know how much to control when you are taking unhealthy food. Moderation is the key point here. If you know these is unhealthy but at the same time irresistible, try to limit your intake, don't take it too often, and you may ask for lesser sugar for the drink itself as well. If not, try the flavoured tea instead of milk tea, at least you are able to cut down on the creamer intake. Creamer is bad for cholesterol!

I always tell my patients, friends and family, it is impossible to ask you to avoid taking unhealthy food, but you can always cut down the amount and control on the food which is bad for you... 


This is my 1st Ochado drink which introduced by my friend. It was my first time visiting Ochado last weekend. I saw the shop many times when I go shopping, but never go and try it out before. 

Since my friend strongly recommend it, well, just give it a try, isn't it?

I had ordered roast Okinawa milk tea with added pearls inside. Heard that is the one of the best seller for Ochado. Well, for your information, my favourite is Chatime, may be because I get to know Chatime first when the milk tea is first introduced. The price of Ochado and Chatime is about the same. The taste of the drink is also quite nice. Perhaps I should tryout Ochado instead of sticking to Chatime all the time. My favourite is red bean, should have try Ochado drink with red bean inside. 

Roast Okinawa Milk Tea with Pearls
I had ordered roast Okinawa milk tea with added pearls inside. Heard that is the one of the best seller for Ochado. Well, for your information, my favourite is Chatime, may be because I get to know Chatime first when the milk tea is first introduced. The price of Ochado and Chatime is about the same. The taste of the drink is also quite nice. Perhaps I should tryout Ochado instead of sticking to Chatime all the time. My favourite is red bean, should have try Ochado drink with red bean inside. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


上个周末和朋友去吃了辣椒板面。忘了店名是什么,位置在SS2 kayu 附近。



怎样?还不错吧!味道很好,配上它的辣椒,真让人回味无穷。。。但这里有一温馨小贴士,那就是如果你不太能吃辣,千万不要加入太多的辣椒,要不然就真的让你 “回味无穷” 了,哈哈!!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

My new shoe... Scholl

Lastly, I bought my shoe!!! Found my shoe size in Paradigm Mall... I can wear my new shoe for work now. Come and have a look on my new shoe... 

How it looks? I know the pattern is not attractive as the usual one that we usually shop outside, but that's all they have in Scholl, what to do? Just try to bear with it. Anyway, I'm looking for shoe to protect leg and knee, not shoe that just look good but bring you pain... In fact, this shoe seems similar with my old Scholl shoe, guess they don't have much choices there. 

All of the Scholl shoes are specially meant for leg and knee protection. Mine got arch support for the insole, good to wear, allow you to stand and walk for long time while giving comfort to your legs. 

Still remember the orthotic insole that I bought last time before I'm able to get my new shoe? I'm no longer using that now, but I'll put them in my other shoes so that it still provide its service. Hehe... 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Hazy Days in Malaysia...

Malaysia has been under haze attack recently... The condition in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor is getting worse day by day...

At the same time, patients admitted to hospital due to respiratory problems have been increased remarkably. People coughing everywhere, complaining shortness of breath.

Due to hot weather and polluted air, the health condition is also worsen. Viral infection is everywhere now. Therefore, I strongly advice people out there to wear mask when you are going out.

First, to get rid of the pollutant as much as possible, secondly is to avoid yourself getting viral infection during this high risk periods.

Please drink more water, get yourself well hydrated and build up your immune system to fight back disease that might be arise during critical period like this.

One important thing, make sure you wear your mask properly, the colour side should be faced outward, while the white side should cover your own mouth and nose. Make sure both of your mouth and nose are covered.

If you can get N95, please use that. I found N95 works better compare to other face mask or surgical mask.  N95 can filter out more particle in the air, I notice the smoky smell of the air can be reduced by wearing that mask. Try to get that, they are more expensive, but this is definitely nothing big deal if you wanna compare with your own health, isn't it?

All the best for Malaysians... * finger crossed *...

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My favourite shoe ~ Scholl

Dietitian needs to stand and walk a lot, especially when you are working in big hospital. I have been suffering from leg pain recently. Guess it's time to change my shoe. 

I started to use Scholl shoe since I worked. A pair of nice shoe to give you comfort and protection. However, I still having leg pain, may be the shoe had served me for too long ( I guess about 1 1/2 year ), it's time to give it a rest already.

Initially I was planning to shop for the shoe, but the shop didn't have the size I want. Then I started to check on the biomechanics thing at shelf. 

The full name is biomechanics heels and knee pain reliever. They have different type of the orthotic insole for better cushioning and foot support. Different biomechanics range serve different purpose and different protection, but mainly to reduce the pain and stress on foot region. 

The one I bought is 3/4 length orthotic insole. It's easy to be used, just put it inside your shoe and you are ready for your walk. It's available in 3 sizes, which is small, medium and large, make sure you get your exact size so that it can fit your foot well.

This is how it looks like, cute isn't it? Just put inside your shoe. Well, the cushion in my own Scholl shoe is actually flatten out already since I wear it most of the time. Before I'm able to get my new shoe, I guess it's better to get something as a replacement at this moment, I don't really able to stand the pain whenever I walk too much. 

This is what it does to help reduce pain and soreness of foot. Not bad huh???

Well, this biomechanics is just something to be use temporarily until I'm able to get the shoe I wanted. At least, it fits into all type of flat shoe... 

Again, it's time to shop for shoe.... huh... 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cola Chicken

Hi, I'm back with another cooking, Cola Chicken. This is one of my favourite cooking since it's easy to prepare and not time consuming. Of course, the most important is that I like this dish very much, my family also like it when I prepare this. Love it so mucchhh....

It's so easy to prepare this, unless you are too lazy to do it, if not, you'll sure find it very very easy. I learnt to cook this from a recipe I found in the newspaper, it's more complicated before this, but I modify myself to make it simpler... hehe... Forgot to tell, I like to modify thing, especially in cooking.. 

The ingredient is just soy sauce, thick soy sauce, coca cola and chicken. Easy, right? hehe...

1st, prepare all the ingredients needed....The chicken... preferably chicken wings... but if you have other parts of the chicken, you can still using them, don't be too rigid, okay? :P 

After that, marinate the chicken with soy sauce and thick soy sauce. The amount of them are according to your own feeling, as long as you don't put too much or too little. Well, cooking is all about feeling, just follow your heart.

They look so beautiful, right? An advice for all, don't put too much of the thick soy sauce, if not later the chicken will become too dark. Marinate them for 1/2 hour.

After that, just put a bit of oil and fry the chicken for a while, remember not to fry until the chicken are cooked. Just make sure fry a bit to give some nice colour to the chicken.

Here's the chicken after a light frying moment... nice colour!

After that, pour in the coke into the chicken. Do not pour too much of it, just to avoid the chicken become too sweet, don't forget that the coke contains sugar inside.

In order to make sure the chicken is well cooked, I put some plain water into it, this is also to avoid putting too much coke inside. Cover it and cook with low heat, simmer for 15 minutes so that the flavour of the coke can get into the chicken.  

Then, open the cover and cook until the sauce thicken. If you prefer to have more sauce, make sure do not cook until too dry. 

Well, finally, the cola chicken is well done. Again, it's easy, isn't it? hehe.....

Cola Chicken
Some people might be asking : Dear Dietitian, this is not suitable for those with diabetics, what if we want to cook for those with diabetics? 

Answer : Well, the usual coke can be change into light Coke or diet Coke in order to control the sugar intake while still providing the cola flavour. Nice, isn't it? Now the Cola Chicken is suitable for all. Everyone can enjoy it!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My cooking ~ Sambal Belacan Fish & Tomyam Vegetables

My cooking!!!

Yeah, after suffer from LOA (loss of appetite) for a few days, I plan to cook myself, so that my appetite can be improved. Well, recently have been forcing myself to eat anything, no appetite at all, most probably due to the same and repetitive menu offered in all the cafes in  my working place. 

After work, go back and spend some time to cook for myself. Tired??? YES!!! tired after working, but still need to eat, right? So here's my dinner. 

I got some nice sambal and I cooked the sambal with fish. Simple, yet delicious recipe. 

I fried the fish and stir fried some onions. Then put in the sambal and cook it, simple!

This is my dishes ~ Sambal belacan fish!

Next, time for my vegetables. The fish is a bit dry, without much sauce. So I cook tomyam vegetable, sour dishes can improve appetite!

How's the vege? Not so bad la, right? With so many different colours of vegetables inside, I put carrot and celery. 

One thing special here, 2 fishes at one time??? haha... yes, I need to cook for 2 servings at 1 time, so that it is easier for me to cook. It is really hard to cook 1 person's portion as the ingredients get to scorch/burn easily. Another benefit is you don't have to cook so many times, keep the remaining inside the fridge and reheat at other time. 

Well, you always think of creative way to prepare the food! At least, I had my appetite back, thanks to my own cooking. Not skilful, but at least objective achieved. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Enquiries About Dietitian

I'm back after so many days!!!

I received an email from a reader few days ago and I would like to share the information for all those who needed it. Thanks for the email, Ester. 

Here's the email : 

I saw your blog while I'm searching information about dietetics course.I would like to ask you some question about dietician..I hope you don't mind to answer my question...

1.What is the salary range of dietician for fresh graduate and experienced dietician?

2.Does the job opportunity for dietician wide for nowadays in our country?

3.Is it hard to get the dietetics course for local university like USM,UKM?

Answer : 

I think those are the popular questions for many of you out there, right?

Salary might varies, depends which sector you are in, either government or private hospital. For the salary range, if you work in government sector, the starting salary is about 3k, depends whether you are working in town area or not. For private sector, the starting salary might be a bit lower, but I heard the increment can be fast, besides, private sectors might paying bonus as well, so that's actually increase the amount of salary in general. Salary for fresh graduates and experienced dietitian will definitely be different. For dietitian, experience is very important, more experience means more salary. I believe this happens in all different job as well. 

Job opportunity can be a lot depends what you want to be. Dietitian is expanding day by day now, as announced by our health minister last time, they plan to get dietitian for all hospitals in Malaysia. Dietitian is more and more recognised currently, almost all hospital needs dietitians. Government also allocates dietitians in clinic (klinik kesihatan) in many districts. If you are not so interested in clinical dietitian, you can pursue in many different job which need diet and nutrition advices. 

I'm not sure whether it is difficult to get dietetics course in local universities, but definitely better results have better chances. As I know, dietetics can be one of the popular course for biology students. So, my advice, try to achieve better results so that it eases you to get into any of your favourite courses. 

Thanks for writing to me, hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Eating at Spaghetti Grill, Paradigm Mall

I think I really tried out a lot of new thing recently. This time I went Spaghetti Grill. I saw the shop for thousands time whenever I went shopping, but this is the 1st time I visited and ate inside. Good place for western food and cheap price during weekday. 

They have promotion for lunch and dinner during weekdays. Forgot the price, but you can get main dish, drink and dessert together for that promotion. 

This is the food I ordered. 

This is the pumpkin soup. Taste sweet, but nice when taking together with the biscuit. 

This is my main dish, seafood spaghetti. The waiter said the portion size for the promotion set is half of the normal standard meal size, but for me, this is just nice, not too much, not too little. 

Well, my friend ordered differently. She likes savoury dishes, so she chose mushroom soup for the appetizer.  

This is her main dish, Vegetarian Aglio Olio. This is nice as well. 

We also ordered Caesar salad to add on more vegetables on our meals. Tell you what, this is really nice!!! We love this very much. 

At last, here's our desserts, vanilla ice cream!

I would like to visit there again some other day. Nice place!

Monday, 22 April 2013

饮食治疗师的意见 - 罗马不是一天建成的






1。 我已经活了几十年,哪可能这么容易就改得了几十年的习惯?






高血糖的情况通常来自于长期过量的糖份摄取,以至于产生各种并发症,例如:眼睛血管问题,视网膜病变 (retinopathy),肾病 (nephropathy),神经系统的问题 (neuropathy),等等。

高血压的形成通常来自于过量的盐份摄取,而高胆固醇则因为过量的油脂摄取,导致血压升高,血管硬化的问题,一并提高病人患心血管疾病 (cardiovascular diseases) 的风险。心血管疾病包括了心脏病,心脏阻塞,中风等疾病。





Wednesday, 17 April 2013

La Risata

La Risata, a place for Italian food. 

This place is located at 128 Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur. 

cannot understand Italian? well, me too.. no worry.. the menu will state out some brief information about the food itself 

How's the ambience there? Not bad, huh??? (sorry about the blurry photo)

Gnocchi Ai Peperonchini Grillia E Chorizo

This is the food I ordered. Gnocchi Ai Peperonchini Grillia E Chorizo, what a long name for this food...  In simpler way, it's potato dumplings with lamb chorizo sausage and ricotta cheese in red pepper sauce. 
Is it really simple that way? it's still a long name, isn't it?

I don't really fancy this food, well, not suitable for me, I think. An advice for all, don't ever order something that you do not know. It is too risky, unless you dare enough to face the consequences. Haha.. 

I'm still able to finish the whole thing, end up with bloated stomach, as the dumpling is too filling. 

Spaghetti Alla Risata 
This is the spaghetti my friend ordered. I like this, this is their house specialty, mixed seafood in tomato sauce and baked in foil. All sorts of seafood is found inside, portion is HUGE!!!

Stinco D'agnello

This is Stinco D'agnello, wood fired oven braised lamb shank in a rosemary sauce on a bed of mashed potato. Well, I just copy the description in the menu. Nice name!

Those are all the so called artistic photo my friend took for me, not too bad, huh?  

The lamb shank really look nice, I didn't get the chance to taste it, but from my friend's response, I know this must taste good. Argh... I should order this!

Apple Citrus Soda
Apple citrus soda, a mixture of monin green apple, lime syrup, lemon juice, diced apple and soda. Taste sweet and sour. My friend loves this, for me, it's just so-so. 

Last but not least, I must show you the photo my friend finished her spaghetti. Haha... She kept complaining about the big portion of the food, but she's still able to finish the whole thing as well. 

Well, we don't waste food!!! haha...  

For those who haven't give it a try, please visit La Risata, but make sure to read the menu properly, I'm sure you all don't want to end up ordering something you don't like, isn't it? 

Have a nice day!!!

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