Monday, 24 June 2013

Hazy Days in Malaysia...

Malaysia has been under haze attack recently... The condition in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor is getting worse day by day...

At the same time, patients admitted to hospital due to respiratory problems have been increased remarkably. People coughing everywhere, complaining shortness of breath.

Due to hot weather and polluted air, the health condition is also worsen. Viral infection is everywhere now. Therefore, I strongly advice people out there to wear mask when you are going out.

First, to get rid of the pollutant as much as possible, secondly is to avoid yourself getting viral infection during this high risk periods.

Please drink more water, get yourself well hydrated and build up your immune system to fight back disease that might be arise during critical period like this.

One important thing, make sure you wear your mask properly, the colour side should be faced outward, while the white side should cover your own mouth and nose. Make sure both of your mouth and nose are covered.

If you can get N95, please use that. I found N95 works better compare to other face mask or surgical mask.  N95 can filter out more particle in the air, I notice the smoky smell of the air can be reduced by wearing that mask. Try to get that, they are more expensive, but this is definitely nothing big deal if you wanna compare with your own health, isn't it?

All the best for Malaysians... * finger crossed *...

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My favourite shoe ~ Scholl

Dietitian needs to stand and walk a lot, especially when you are working in big hospital. I have been suffering from leg pain recently. Guess it's time to change my shoe. 

I started to use Scholl shoe since I worked. A pair of nice shoe to give you comfort and protection. However, I still having leg pain, may be the shoe had served me for too long ( I guess about 1 1/2 year ), it's time to give it a rest already.

Initially I was planning to shop for the shoe, but the shop didn't have the size I want. Then I started to check on the biomechanics thing at shelf. 

The full name is biomechanics heels and knee pain reliever. They have different type of the orthotic insole for better cushioning and foot support. Different biomechanics range serve different purpose and different protection, but mainly to reduce the pain and stress on foot region. 

The one I bought is 3/4 length orthotic insole. It's easy to be used, just put it inside your shoe and you are ready for your walk. It's available in 3 sizes, which is small, medium and large, make sure you get your exact size so that it can fit your foot well.

This is how it looks like, cute isn't it? Just put inside your shoe. Well, the cushion in my own Scholl shoe is actually flatten out already since I wear it most of the time. Before I'm able to get my new shoe, I guess it's better to get something as a replacement at this moment, I don't really able to stand the pain whenever I walk too much. 

This is what it does to help reduce pain and soreness of foot. Not bad huh???

Well, this biomechanics is just something to be use temporarily until I'm able to get the shoe I wanted. At least, it fits into all type of flat shoe... 

Again, it's time to shop for shoe.... huh... 

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