Thursday, 23 October 2014

慈济社会教育推广中心 ~ 儿童及青少年假期工坊


今天收到慈济社会教育推广中心寄来的 email, 为了提升孩子假期学习的动力,社教中心举办假期工坊,让放假的孩子学习对身心灵有益的课程,可以学会自己动手做菜、制作手工、动动筋骨、动动脑袋等。。



这三天的活动包括:                         报名费 = RM 270
DIY 蔬食料理                                     材料费 = RM 90
花道                                                     总共 = RM 360







Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Toluna redemption

I signed up in Toluna for about one year already. For those who never know what's Toluna, it's a website for you to answer survey questions and allow you to earn from points from there. After that, you can redeem the points for something you want. I like Toluna as it provides more variety of gifts and rewards as compare to other survey website.

Well, even though I joined for quite some time, and able to accumulate many points but I never think of redeem items from the points I gained until recently. Guess what happen that make me made that decision?

I just found out that the points that we earned from answering the survey question will go expired after some time. I never notice it. So sad to share with you all that I actually lost quite a number of points before this as I never notice there is deduction in the points if redemption is not made in certain time frame.

The time frame will be stated inside the account. Please be aware for those who never notice about that. Otherwise, all your effort will be down to the drains.

Check out the redemption I made. I chose to get the AEON vouchers (worth RM20) with the redemption of 16000 points. There is no expiry date on the vouchers, is that mean there will be no dateline for the redemption? cool then... I can use it any time I want,

Apart from that, you can redeem vouchers from Isetan, Zalora, Lazada, Giant and many many others. If you prefer to get the cash, you can cash it out from Paypal. It's quite convenient and easy to do. 

This is the website of the Toluna. Welcome you all to join me (overall, you still able to earn some out of it!)... 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Korean Fried Chicken ~ Kyo Chon 1991

Many thanks to my sister who won the RM20 voucher of Kyo Chon....

Because her active participation in Facebook recently, she managed to win the voucher. Well, this is better than none.. For those who went Kyo Chon before, you should know their fried chicken is quite pricey. This RM20 meant a lot... LOL... 

At this moment, only one Kyo Chon is available in Malaysia, which is currently located in One Utama Shopping Mall. I heard there will be more Kyo Chon opening soon, but unsure of the location. 

Korean artist, Lee Min Ho is the ambassador of Kyo Chon. You can see a lot of his photo in the shop. 

Well, that's including the take away packaging.., LOL... for Lee Min Ho's fans, you are welcome to take away the food in order to bring back Lee Min Ho. 

These are the food that we ordered. There are new menu and promotions available, compare to my first visit in Kyo Chon, which only served ala carte signature chicken. They are more like a set meal now. 

I find these menu are much worthy, as they already include the signature chicken, rice, salad, soup and drinks , all in one. You can check them out in their menu online as well. 

I ordered their Original chicken, Red Series Chicken and Honey Series chicken. You can mix them with different flavors. 

The original chicken has nice aroma. While the one that I like most is the honey series, sweet and crispy. Love that!!! 

One reminder for those who cannot take spicy food, please do not order their red series. The spiciness is beyond what you can imagine. It was too spicy and hot, which will cause burning sensation at your lips and tongue. 

My advice, try it if you dare~ LOL... 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

童年回忆 - 巧克力棒







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