Thursday, 16 October 2014

Korean Fried Chicken ~ Kyo Chon 1991

Many thanks to my sister who won the RM20 voucher of Kyo Chon....

Because her active participation in Facebook recently, she managed to win the voucher. Well, this is better than none.. For those who went Kyo Chon before, you should know their fried chicken is quite pricey. This RM20 meant a lot... LOL... 

At this moment, only one Kyo Chon is available in Malaysia, which is currently located in One Utama Shopping Mall. I heard there will be more Kyo Chon opening soon, but unsure of the location. 

Korean artist, Lee Min Ho is the ambassador of Kyo Chon. You can see a lot of his photo in the shop. 

Well, that's including the take away packaging.., LOL... for Lee Min Ho's fans, you are welcome to take away the food in order to bring back Lee Min Ho. 

These are the food that we ordered. There are new menu and promotions available, compare to my first visit in Kyo Chon, which only served ala carte signature chicken. They are more like a set meal now. 

I find these menu are much worthy, as they already include the signature chicken, rice, salad, soup and drinks , all in one. You can check them out in their menu online as well. 

I ordered their Original chicken, Red Series Chicken and Honey Series chicken. You can mix them with different flavors. 

The original chicken has nice aroma. While the one that I like most is the honey series, sweet and crispy. Love that!!! 

One reminder for those who cannot take spicy food, please do not order their red series. The spiciness is beyond what you can imagine. It was too spicy and hot, which will cause burning sensation at your lips and tongue. 

My advice, try it if you dare~ LOL... 

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