Thursday, 31 July 2014

Indian Henna Design

Hello, anyone went for holiday during Raya long weekend? I went Penang 2 days ago and would like to share with you, my very first Indian Henna design... 

Many Indians girls open small stalls along the road side and help the tourists to design and draw it. 

The photo below is mine! How was it? nice? It costed me only RM5 for this simple design. They have a lot of different designs, just pick the one you like and they can draw in no time. Of course, if you are picking complicated design, it will cost you more time and money as well. I picked a simple one, just to give it a try!

They used a colouring material called Henna to draw out all the design. They even have different colours to make the design more lively and interesting. I picked green colour for the flower petals. They have other colours like pink, red, purple and blue as well.

This Henna is not a tattoo, the colour will fade off after about 1 week, that's according to what the Indian girl told me. 

Henna is common among Indians, but not for Chinese. I went for work these 2 days and some of my patients look at me as if I'm ALIEN. LOL.... I think they must thought that their dietitian is having a huge colourful tattoo on the back of the hand. This is quite catchy as I always have some hand gesture while explaining/talking to my patients. Haha... 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

My appetizing dinner = Taiwanese Sausages and Stir Fried Broccoli

HiHi.... I'm back!!!! Really sorry to play hide and seek again. As I mentioned before, this blog is my self-motivating and self monitoring item to see how far I can pursue my blogopshere longer.

I haven't been writing for so so so long... The last post was during February and now it's July approaching August!!! hehe... paiseh!

Today I would like to share a bit on my dinner that I prepared myself. Here it is... RICE + TAIWANESE SAUSAGE + STIR FRY BROCCOLI... 

Yes, I had sausages for my dinner. Some of you might be wondering, you are a dietitian, how come you are taking such unhealthy food??? LOL....Well, what I can say is, Dietitian is still a normal human being. I still take unhealthy food on and off. But like what I used to say, you must know your limit. Just try not to take these too frequent. 

I bought this sausage in NSK, Kuchai Lama. It's spicy Taiwanese sausage. I stir fried them with my non stick pan, so only little oil is required. Of course, I had my colourful vegetables which are broccoli and carrot, adding more different nutrients in one dish. Hehe... 

Look at the colour! Like it so much. Easy to prepare and yet I put in all vital nutrients inside, I got rice as carbohydrate source, I had sausages as my protein (even though the sodium content might be high, but bear in mind, this is taken once in a while) and of course I had vegetables for my fiber. Well, they are complete! Yes!!!!


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