Thursday, 28 February 2013

Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook Volume 1


One of my favourite books is Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook volume 1. It has over 60 recipes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The main part which I like it most is that, apart having different recipes inside, it also contains information about complementary feeding for babies or in a simpler way, introduction of solid food for babies. It has 2 languages inside, which are Malay and English.

Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook Volume 1

Two languages found inside- Malay & English

I noticed that many 1st time mothers do not know when and how to start solid food for their babies. This book teaches you how to do it and it provides various different Malaysian recipes for the food preparation.

Interesting topic on children's nutrition
This cookbook is useful for 1st time mothers, for mothers who already started to crack their head to think of different recipes to cook for their kids, and even for nanny who takes care of small kids. This books provide various recipes meant for different age groups, ranging from 6 months old baby until preschooler.

Tips on Children's nutrition 
This book is all colour printing. It has colourful and attractive illustration all over the books. Like it so much!

Colourful & attractive illustration 
For those who wants this, you are welcome to contact me. I still have a few copy of this book with me.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

慈济社教中心 之 师生回校日 Tzu Chi Continuing Education Center

上个星期六义务到 PJ 慈济社教中心帮忙。他们举办师生回校日,恭喜PJ 慈济社教中心已经满一周年了!生日快乐!想想我也好像出了不少力,我至少也参加了几项社教中心的课程嘛!哈哈!(说得脸不红,气不喘地)

I have been helping out in Tzu Chi Continuing Education Center last Saturday when they celebrated their 1st year anniversary. Happy Birthday to Tzu Chi Continuing Education Center!!! Well, I personally joined a few courses in this center before. The most recent one is Guzheng.

Agenda for that day
Vegetarian Cooking Demonstration

Paper Art

Chinese Knot

Tea Ceremony

Pottery Art

MP Soap Making

Resin Clay

A lot of activities and demonstrations have been organised. My Guzheng teacher also brought his students and performed Chinese traditional music. I  cannot resist if there is any Chinese traditional music !!! Saw an Indian gentleman behind there? He is my teacher's student as well. He was performing with a flute, playing very very well.

Chinese Traditional Music Performance

Guitar performance

I met my resin clay teacher that day as well. So sorry to inform that I don't really into this art, may be I'm not suitable for it. It is very difficult for me to sit down and do things quietly. Hehe.. I gave up the course after tried out the short course. After that, I took Guzheng class, the photo below is my guzheng teacher, looks very young, isn't he?

古筝老师- 苏忠杨
My Guzheng teacher (the one holding mic)


If there is anyone interested in any courses above, welcome to have a look in Tzu Chi Continuing Education Center, there are many other interesting courses and I believe there will be one that you are looking for.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Yay, my first time seeing walnut with its shell. I like walnut very much, it is one of my favourite nuts. These walnuts are offered by my buddy, and these are brought from China by her friend. It is always full with excitement to open up something covered (well, this is what I feel when I tried to open it). 

Walnut, they look cute, isn't it?
The shell is very hard, however, it is not very difficult to open up the shell. Make sure that you are aiming on the central line so that you manage to open it into half. When open it up, you will see the walnut inside, I found a little bit difficult to take it out in full shape, coz it seems intact with shell itself.

Walnut tastes good and one of reasons that I like walnut is because of its high nutritional values. Walnut is high in unsaturated fatty acids which it is the so called good fats for the body. It helps to lower down the bad fats in the body. (well, this is not a nutrition lecture, right?haha...)

Enjoy taking walnut!!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Disaster for dietitian!

Chinese New year holiday is just over, and I gained 1.5kg within that one whole week. Isn't it a disaster?

I admitted that I have poor control of my diet during CNY, but who don't have this problem during festive season? Hehe...

I went for training in gym, trying to shake off some of the kilos that I gained during CNY. Well, it is always very important for a dietitian to control body weight.

Let's get moving, everyone!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

My brunch today

My friend brought me to take pan mee at Serdang as my brunch today. The taste is not bad. I ordered the herbal pan mee 药材板面. This is the photo of my brunch today.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

饮食治疗师 与 营养师




简单来说,医生开药单,饮食治疗师开餐单!吃药固然重要,但现今普遍的疾病都是些慢性疾病 (例如糖尿病,高血压,高胆固醇),病人需要好好控制饮食才能真正有效地控制病情。






MyPyramid from USDA

Dietitian vs Nutritionist

Dietitian and nutritionist are different professions.

For those from Malaysia, you will only see dietitian in hospital. Dietitians are those who are trained to give diet education and counseling regarding diet control for those who are diseased.

For example, patients with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, high cholesterol will be referred by doctors to see dietitian in diet clinic. Diet education will be given to patients so that their diet will be able to controlled as a supplementary treatment for the disease itself apart from seeing doctor and taking medicine.

Dietitians will see patients mainly with chronic disease as those diseases are closely related to diet and nutrition. Dietitians provide education on diet control, or may be I should say dietitians incharge of everything related to diet.

Dietitians see patients with malnutrition, either undernutrition or overnutrition. For those who are not eating well, dietitians provides tips and solutions in order to increase intake and improve patients' intake. This includes providing oral supplements or plan for tube feeding regime for those who feed through tube.

While for those who suffered from overnutrition, education is given on how to control intake, how to reduce weight and provide information of foods that should be avoid for certain health problems.

Dietitian normally treats patients but nutritionist works with healthy population. Therefore you can find a lot of nutritionists out there working in various sectors such as slimming centre, nutrition company, lab, food production company, factory, so on and so forth.

However, most dietitians work in hospital, of course there are also dietitians who leave the medical line and join for sales. But I wondering whether they are still recognised as dietitian after leaving medical line.

Hope this helps to clarify the difference of dietitian and nutritionist. For students out there, be careful when choosing course since dietitian is different with nutritionist. If you like diet & nutrition and are more interested in treating patients in clinical setting, then dietetics will suit you more. If you do not like clinical setting, or working in hospital setting, I believe nutrition course is better for you.

Welcome to contact me for any inquiry.

Friday, 22 February 2013





无论如何,决定了就应该做到... 希望大家祝福我咯!!!


Hello, Dietitian's here. My brand new blog!

First, let me say a few words for myself.

Welcome back to Blogosphere!!! I am back!!!

I am back after leaving my old blog for quite some years, feeling bad and guilty as I left it blank and empty after using only for a while. But no worry, since I plan to write a new one now and I will try to commit to it. Hehe..

Introduction for myself : Hi, just call me KL. I am currently working as dietitian in one of the hospital in Malaysia. I will share my life and story with dietetics and how it affect my life in this blog. Hope you guys like it. Stay tune!!!

Disclaimer : I shall put my blog in multi language, hope it will not cause confusion. 
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