Wednesday, 27 February 2013

慈济社教中心 之 师生回校日 Tzu Chi Continuing Education Center

上个星期六义务到 PJ 慈济社教中心帮忙。他们举办师生回校日,恭喜PJ 慈济社教中心已经满一周年了!生日快乐!想想我也好像出了不少力,我至少也参加了几项社教中心的课程嘛!哈哈!(说得脸不红,气不喘地)

I have been helping out in Tzu Chi Continuing Education Center last Saturday when they celebrated their 1st year anniversary. Happy Birthday to Tzu Chi Continuing Education Center!!! Well, I personally joined a few courses in this center before. The most recent one is Guzheng.

Agenda for that day
Vegetarian Cooking Demonstration

Paper Art

Chinese Knot

Tea Ceremony

Pottery Art

MP Soap Making

Resin Clay

A lot of activities and demonstrations have been organised. My Guzheng teacher also brought his students and performed Chinese traditional music. I  cannot resist if there is any Chinese traditional music !!! Saw an Indian gentleman behind there? He is my teacher's student as well. He was performing with a flute, playing very very well.

Chinese Traditional Music Performance

Guitar performance

I met my resin clay teacher that day as well. So sorry to inform that I don't really into this art, may be I'm not suitable for it. It is very difficult for me to sit down and do things quietly. Hehe.. I gave up the course after tried out the short course. After that, I took Guzheng class, the photo below is my guzheng teacher, looks very young, isn't he?

古筝老师- 苏忠杨
My Guzheng teacher (the one holding mic)


If there is anyone interested in any courses above, welcome to have a look in Tzu Chi Continuing Education Center, there are many other interesting courses and I believe there will be one that you are looking for.

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