Thursday, 28 February 2013

Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook Volume 1


One of my favourite books is Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook volume 1. It has over 60 recipes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The main part which I like it most is that, apart having different recipes inside, it also contains information about complementary feeding for babies or in a simpler way, introduction of solid food for babies. It has 2 languages inside, which are Malay and English.

Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook Volume 1

Two languages found inside- Malay & English

I noticed that many 1st time mothers do not know when and how to start solid food for their babies. This book teaches you how to do it and it provides various different Malaysian recipes for the food preparation.

Interesting topic on children's nutrition
This cookbook is useful for 1st time mothers, for mothers who already started to crack their head to think of different recipes to cook for their kids, and even for nanny who takes care of small kids. This books provide various recipes meant for different age groups, ranging from 6 months old baby until preschooler.

Tips on Children's nutrition 
This book is all colour printing. It has colourful and attractive illustration all over the books. Like it so much!

Colourful & attractive illustration 
For those who wants this, you are welcome to contact me. I still have a few copy of this book with me.

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