Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Yay, my first time seeing walnut with its shell. I like walnut very much, it is one of my favourite nuts. These walnuts are offered by my buddy, and these are brought from China by her friend. It is always full with excitement to open up something covered (well, this is what I feel when I tried to open it). 

Walnut, they look cute, isn't it?
The shell is very hard, however, it is not very difficult to open up the shell. Make sure that you are aiming on the central line so that you manage to open it into half. When open it up, you will see the walnut inside, I found a little bit difficult to take it out in full shape, coz it seems intact with shell itself.

Walnut tastes good and one of reasons that I like walnut is because of its high nutritional values. Walnut is high in unsaturated fatty acids which it is the so called good fats for the body. It helps to lower down the bad fats in the body. (well, this is not a nutrition lecture, right?haha...)

Enjoy taking walnut!!!

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