Thursday, 9 May 2013

My cooking ~ Sambal Belacan Fish & Tomyam Vegetables

My cooking!!!

Yeah, after suffer from LOA (loss of appetite) for a few days, I plan to cook myself, so that my appetite can be improved. Well, recently have been forcing myself to eat anything, no appetite at all, most probably due to the same and repetitive menu offered in all the cafes in  my working place. 

After work, go back and spend some time to cook for myself. Tired??? YES!!! tired after working, but still need to eat, right? So here's my dinner. 

I got some nice sambal and I cooked the sambal with fish. Simple, yet delicious recipe. 

I fried the fish and stir fried some onions. Then put in the sambal and cook it, simple!

This is my dishes ~ Sambal belacan fish!

Next, time for my vegetables. The fish is a bit dry, without much sauce. So I cook tomyam vegetable, sour dishes can improve appetite!

How's the vege? Not so bad la, right? With so many different colours of vegetables inside, I put carrot and celery. 

One thing special here, 2 fishes at one time??? haha... yes, I need to cook for 2 servings at 1 time, so that it is easier for me to cook. It is really hard to cook 1 person's portion as the ingredients get to scorch/burn easily. Another benefit is you don't have to cook so many times, keep the remaining inside the fridge and reheat at other time. 

Well, you always think of creative way to prepare the food! At least, I had my appetite back, thanks to my own cooking. Not skilful, but at least objective achieved. 

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