Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cola Chicken

Hi, I'm back with another cooking, Cola Chicken. This is one of my favourite cooking since it's easy to prepare and not time consuming. Of course, the most important is that I like this dish very much, my family also like it when I prepare this. Love it so mucchhh....

It's so easy to prepare this, unless you are too lazy to do it, if not, you'll sure find it very very easy. I learnt to cook this from a recipe I found in the newspaper, it's more complicated before this, but I modify myself to make it simpler... hehe... Forgot to tell, I like to modify thing, especially in cooking.. 

The ingredient is just soy sauce, thick soy sauce, coca cola and chicken. Easy, right? hehe...

1st, prepare all the ingredients needed....The chicken... preferably chicken wings... but if you have other parts of the chicken, you can still using them, don't be too rigid, okay? :P 

After that, marinate the chicken with soy sauce and thick soy sauce. The amount of them are according to your own feeling, as long as you don't put too much or too little. Well, cooking is all about feeling, just follow your heart.

They look so beautiful, right? An advice for all, don't put too much of the thick soy sauce, if not later the chicken will become too dark. Marinate them for 1/2 hour.

After that, just put a bit of oil and fry the chicken for a while, remember not to fry until the chicken are cooked. Just make sure fry a bit to give some nice colour to the chicken.

Here's the chicken after a light frying moment... nice colour!

After that, pour in the coke into the chicken. Do not pour too much of it, just to avoid the chicken become too sweet, don't forget that the coke contains sugar inside.

In order to make sure the chicken is well cooked, I put some plain water into it, this is also to avoid putting too much coke inside. Cover it and cook with low heat, simmer for 15 minutes so that the flavour of the coke can get into the chicken.  

Then, open the cover and cook until the sauce thicken. If you prefer to have more sauce, make sure do not cook until too dry. 

Well, finally, the cola chicken is well done. Again, it's easy, isn't it? hehe.....

Cola Chicken
Some people might be asking : Dear Dietitian, this is not suitable for those with diabetics, what if we want to cook for those with diabetics? 

Answer : Well, the usual coke can be change into light Coke or diet Coke in order to control the sugar intake while still providing the cola flavour. Nice, isn't it? Now the Cola Chicken is suitable for all. Everyone can enjoy it!

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