Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Is Milk Tea a healthy drink???

I believe all of you might be thinking, milk tea is fatty and unhealthy, why dietitian still taking? Haha... Well, first, dietitian is also normal human being like you all do, so dietitian still taking bad food. 

Milk tea can be found in many variety, such as Teh tarik (famous drink for Malaysian), Taiwanese bubble tea and Hong Kong style milk tea (this is obviously Hong Kong's famous drink, hehe.... ).

The main ingredients of preparing all these milk tea are creamer and sugar. Of course, these are very fattening and unhealthy, but if you are drinking teh tarik, teh si and yuanyang (鴛鴦) everyday, this drink does not make a difference from all of the drinks that you took on daily basis.

The good thing is, dietitian might be a little bit more health concious in which you will know how much to control when you are taking unhealthy food. Moderation is the key point here. If you know these is unhealthy but at the same time irresistible, try to limit your intake, don't take it too often, and you may ask for lesser sugar for the drink itself as well. If not, try the flavoured tea instead of milk tea, at least you are able to cut down on the creamer intake. Creamer is bad for cholesterol!

I always tell my patients, friends and family, it is impossible to ask you to avoid taking unhealthy food, but you can always cut down the amount and control on the food which is bad for you... 

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