Monday, 11 November 2013

Post ~ Great Grains (cranberry almond crunch)

Anyone tasted Post Great Grains? 

I had tried some flavours of the Great Grains but this is something very very nice, which is out of my expectation at all. I didn't know why I never buy this before. May be because I had the impression that cranberries are sour...  haha... don't know why I have that impression at the first place. 

This is it.... Great Grains - cranberry almond crunch... This is awesome!!!

This taste is so nice, the almonds and the multigrains inside are so crunchy... the dried cranberries didn't taste too sour, and the sweetness is just nice as I'm never fancy of sweet thing. I had tried the banana nut crunch and crunchy pecans before. But at this moment, I think this cranberry almond crunch will be the top of those that I tasted. 

Last but not least, cereals must come together with milk. Oopss... the milk is too shallow, cannot see from this photo. Guess what, this is my supper... LOL... No one say cereals cannot be taken for supper, right? Besides that, it is never a compulsory to take cereals as breakfast. You can mix and match on your own as long as you know your portion (or in another way, you know your limit)... hehe... 

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