Monday, 10 February 2014

Comeback after CNY!!!!!

Hello, everyone... missing my blog so much. I have been very busy for past few months and only able to visit my own blog after Chinese New Year. This is also my first working day after Chinese New Year, 开工大吉!!!!

How's everyone doing? Still good? Still good after Chinese New Year??? hehe... How many of you have weigh yourself after the binge eating during CNY? Hehehe... For those who have been enjoying eating during CNY, please be careful and face the truth, especially when you notice your clothes is getting tighter after CNY. Please go and check your weight now!!!  :P

Before anyone admits, I would like to confess that I gain 1 kg within 2 weeks time. This is all because of the eating, EAting and EATING throughout my CNY holiday at hometown <crying>. Seriously need to bring it down to prevent further increment. LOL... 

I have my own plan for weight reduction. How about you? 

1. To reduce munching time. 
2. To start back some exercises after resting for so long. 
3. To cook myself so as to reduce my outside food intake.

These are my targets to be achieved, let's see how many of them can be achieved successfully.... LOL.... 

Have you started yours? Better start now before too late, before the 1 kg become 2 kg, before the 2 kg become 3 kg.... :)

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