Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Beyond veggie at Tropicana City Mall


I had my lunch last time in Beyond Veggie at Tropicana City Mall. They are selling vegetarian food inside compare to the normal Secret Recipe. I went to the restaurant with my friend to try out the food there.  

How's the appearance? Not bad, huh? It's quite appetizing... The taste is also nice. They put different colours of vegetables and beans inside. Of course, they also put mock meat inside. The food there is nutritious, but it will be better if they do not put mock meat inside.

When I went there last year, the portion size is big. But I just noted from my friend that their size shrunk recently. Well, no comment about it as I haven't been visiting the restaurant recently.

I tried out their cheese cake as well. Beyond Veggie serving different cakes compare to the Secret Recipe itself. However the choices available in Beyond Veggie is not as much as what they have in Secret Recipe. 

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