Monday, 24 February 2014

Komugi Cafe at Paradigm Mall

Anyone ever been to Komugi cafe? I went to Komugi Cafe in Paradigm Mall with one of my long lost friend. We haven't been seeing each other for about 8 years time, what a long time huh? There is only 1 photo available as we used up our precious time catch up with each others... hehe...

This is my first time to the cafe, last time I went to Komugi in Mid Valley, they are selling only breads and cakes in the Mid Valley outlet, unlike the one is Paradigm Mall, which is a cafe. Guess why I know Komugi? I saw people queueing up long in the Komugi in Mid Valley, so I went inside and have a look on it. Well, they are selling a lots of appetizing cakes and breads, all looks so delicious and mouth watering!!!!

I didn't buy anything when I visited for the first time, but I bought 2 of the cakes inside during my second visit. What I would say is, they are quite pricey, yet, delicious... So at least I'm paying for the good taste of it, and not to say the beautiful decoration for the cakes itself. They are more like a food handcraft. 

Well, go back to the story in Komugi Cafe, they offers a lot of different drinks and bakeries in the cafe. You can select your bakeries and they will serve to you at your table later, good service there as well. The photo below showed what had we ordered for ourselves. We tried out the bestseller -- cream puff and other cakes as well (in which I forgot the names already). 

The cream puff that they have there is different from what we perceived. Their puffs are hard and crispy, not the one with soft texture. My friend and I was a bit shocked at the first moment, she cannot accept the hard cream puff, having the perception that the cream puff must be soft in texture, therefore, she cannot finish the puff. Well, for me, I'm okay with that, overall the taste is very nice, the cream inside is creamy but not greasy, good taste!

Still, I would advice to take the bakeries with tea instead of other drinks. I ordered chocolate drink to be taken together with all the bakeries up there, and the result is too filling and greasy. In fact, at the end of it, we did not finish the cakes, what a waste, especially when they are so pricey!

Lesson to learn : Cakes should be taken with tea but not others... haha...

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