Wednesday, 17 April 2013

La Risata

La Risata, a place for Italian food. 

This place is located at 128 Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur. 

cannot understand Italian? well, me too.. no worry.. the menu will state out some brief information about the food itself 

How's the ambience there? Not bad, huh??? (sorry about the blurry photo)

Gnocchi Ai Peperonchini Grillia E Chorizo

This is the food I ordered. Gnocchi Ai Peperonchini Grillia E Chorizo, what a long name for this food...  In simpler way, it's potato dumplings with lamb chorizo sausage and ricotta cheese in red pepper sauce. 
Is it really simple that way? it's still a long name, isn't it?

I don't really fancy this food, well, not suitable for me, I think. An advice for all, don't ever order something that you do not know. It is too risky, unless you dare enough to face the consequences. Haha.. 

I'm still able to finish the whole thing, end up with bloated stomach, as the dumpling is too filling. 

Spaghetti Alla Risata 
This is the spaghetti my friend ordered. I like this, this is their house specialty, mixed seafood in tomato sauce and baked in foil. All sorts of seafood is found inside, portion is HUGE!!!

Stinco D'agnello

This is Stinco D'agnello, wood fired oven braised lamb shank in a rosemary sauce on a bed of mashed potato. Well, I just copy the description in the menu. Nice name!

Those are all the so called artistic photo my friend took for me, not too bad, huh?  

The lamb shank really look nice, I didn't get the chance to taste it, but from my friend's response, I know this must taste good. Argh... I should order this!

Apple Citrus Soda
Apple citrus soda, a mixture of monin green apple, lime syrup, lemon juice, diced apple and soda. Taste sweet and sour. My friend loves this, for me, it's just so-so. 

Last but not least, I must show you the photo my friend finished her spaghetti. Haha... She kept complaining about the big portion of the food, but she's still able to finish the whole thing as well. 

Well, we don't waste food!!! haha...  

For those who haven't give it a try, please visit La Risata, but make sure to read the menu properly, I'm sure you all don't want to end up ordering something you don't like, isn't it? 

Have a nice day!!!

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