Monday, 8 April 2013

Nando's again!!!

Went out again with my buddy, she felt like want to eat Nando's, so here we are... Nando's again!

We are being introduced with Nando's Meal Platter which meant for 2 person to share together. Well, according to the waiter, it's more worthy compare to order 2 set of 1/4 chicken with 2 drinks. 

So, we tried out new thing! (is it really new thing? the chicken is still the same, isn't it?)

The meal platter consists of 1 whole chicken, 2 side dishes and free flow drinks. Quite a large portion for 2 little girls, right?

Here is the chicken. We are allowed to order two different flavour of chicken. I ordered mild peri-peri and my friend ordered hot peri-peri.

We both love the new side dish -- Side Salad very much, well, the name is Side Salad. It's mixed lettuce with Italian salad sauce. It is refreshing to take something light for the side dish while taking 1/2 chicken alone. We don't like the sweet potato, may be it's too heavy to take it together with such a big portion of chicken. Shouldn't order that at the 1st place. 

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