Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Nando's Member Card - Peri-Vileges

My friend read about my blog post -- Nando's again! And she asked me : Why don't you get yourself a member card?

What??? What member card??? Oh my!!! I didn't know anything about this, I don't even know they actually have member cards!

Well, guess some of you might already noticed about this, but this is really my 1st time heard of it. I think Nando's don't really promote it properly.   blaming the Nando's because of my own insensitivity, still in denial stage to believe they have member card, haha... 

First thing to do when I heard of this card is to ask my favourite teacher @ Sifu, proudly introduce you, Mr. Google!!!

After google it, I noticed that we are able to enjoy a lot of benefits with the member cards.

My Peri Day
You can choose a date that’s special to you, and a complimentary ¼ Chicken with 2 Sidelines will served by Nando's for your special occasion.

Birthday Peri-Vileges
During your birthday, Get a complimentary Dessert and Hot Beverage of your choice

You can also enjoy a 2 sets of any chicken meal at the price of 1 during your anniversary with Nando’s which is on the date you sign uped as member. Not bad huh?

All you need to do is to accumulate minimum 50 Peri Points so that you are eligible to enjoy the above Peri-vileges. 

A Peri Point will be earned with every RM1.00 you spent at Nando’s. Points can be earned with every dine-in, takeaway, or delivery at Nando’s.

All it costs is only RM10 for lifetime membership fee. Worthy, right? Guess I need to apply that as soon as possible, who would like to miss the benefits, right?

Oh ya, you can either register for the member cards at Nando's outlets or just do it online. Go to Nando's website, and you will get what you want!

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