Thursday, 4 April 2013

One of Dietitian‘s requirement

One of the requirement to become dietitian -- try to get enough pen for documentationsssssss! 

I used up my pen ink very fast recently, may be due to increased number of referrals in the hospital. 

Today check on my census for amount of patients seen for March, the number is growing, growing out of sudden, no wonder feel like very tired for the whole month. huh... 

Increased number of referrals, which mean that the number of patients is increased. 

Most of the patients being referred to dietitian are those who suffered from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol problems. 

Malaysian, try to behave, especially when it's about diet intake and lifestyle. Even the youngsters have increased risk to have chronic diseases. 

Never has a thought that if you are young, you won't suffer from all these disease. That's wrong! I don't know about the number worldwide, but the number in my census already shows everything. It's time for a change! I don't really wish to see you all in the hospital. 



今天查了查 3 月份的 census, 发现到上个月的病人人数真的增长了,病人突然多了,难怪总觉得三月份过得很累... 



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