Thursday, 21 March 2013

Rapid Kuantan

Yeah, at last saw Rapid Kuantan... Reach Kuantan today, I stopped near the stadium, which is also near to Rapid bus station.

The Rapid bus is free of charge until end of April. It is no harm to give it a try, right?

My friend and I was thinking to go East Coast mall by Rapid Kuantan since one of the bus route will reach the mall. After waiting for a few minutes ( not so sure about the duration, but we waited until both of us lost our patience ), eventually, we walked to the East Coast mall. Yes, you heard me, we WALKED!!!

Actually it was nothing big deal, as the mall is near to the bus station.. hehe.. We thought we wanna wait for the bus, at least have a tour with the brand new bus in Kuantan, but we gave up, not much patience to wait for the bus to come under big hot sun.

Erm... Rapid Kuantan? May be next time... 

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