Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My stay in Johor Bahru

Just like what I post earlier, I went Johor Bahru last weekend. During my visit, I stayed in Tune Hotel Danga Bay, Johor. I never stay in Tune Hotel before as I notice the hotels normally located near to the airport instead of the town (not to say Tune Hotel in downtown KL and Penang)

Here's the place, looks nice and new, isn't it? 

With the Legoland getting most promoted nowadays as one of the important tourists' attraction in Johor, Tune Hotel also provides tickets and together with the stay in the hotel itself with cheaper price. You can look at the photo below, They even put up the banner to promote the place. 

Tune Hotel Danga Bay
Check out this to know better - Tune Hotel. There are various services that they provide. And they actually put up different prices that they charged for each of the services available. Therefore, you can individualized the service that you want and drop those that you do not need. For example, if you need aircon, just add in on in your request during hotel booking. If you missed it, you can also add on during check in. Easy, right?

For myself, I do not use aircon that much (afraid of cold), therefore I will face big problem whenever I stay in hotel since they always have centralized aircon system, it is always too cold for me. During my stay in Tune hotel, I just pick for the single room with double bed, and nothing more than that, help me to save money as well. :)

If you cannot survive without aircon, you can buy prepaid air-conditioning credit units in sets of either 12-hours or 24-hours. According to Tune hotel, prepaid air-conditioning units are programmed into room key cards, deducted while in use and can be split up over the entire period of stay. For example, if you purchase 12-hours for use over a 2 night stay, you can use 6 hours on the 1st night of your stay, and another 6 hours on the 2nd day. Not bad, huh? Since normally when we travel, we don't usually stay in the room all the time, therefore the usage of aircon can be controlled by ourselves. 

Where did I went for my tour to Johor? Em... nothing much after settle my thing there. Just hang out with my friends, and visited City Square. My friends told me, do not expect much, there is nothing much in Johor. Even the mall there is smaller. Well, we can not compare KL with Johor, right?

El Migos Mexican Pizzadillas

Here is the place for our dinner - El Migos Mexican Pizzadillas inside the City Square. Took minutes and minutes to wait for the food to be served, lack of staff I think. 

Grilled chicken with spicy Mexico sauce

Grilled Chicken that I ordered. The spicy sauce is special, as what we normally have for the sauces will always be standard sauces like mushroom, or black pepper. This sauce is special, not too spicy, adding extra aroma for the chicken itself. However, the dish is a bit oily, I believed you can see from the photo above as well. 

So there goes my holiday in Johor.  :)

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