Monday, 11 March 2013

Lavender Bistro at Senai Airport, Johor

What a busy and tiring weekend!

I went to Johor to attend my friend's wedding last weekend, while waiting for my flight back to KL, I had my brunch at Lavender Bistro.

This is the 1st time I visited Lavender Bistro a.k.a L.Bistro, as I only saw Lavender Bakery all the time around KL. Today when I google Lavender, I found that L.Bistro is available in AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang. No wonder la, it's so far away from KL!

I didn't manage to take the photo of the shop's outlook, but I'm sure most of you able to identify the unique logo of Lavender. The menu for breakfast is a bit limited, as not much of choices is available for that specific timing.

Here's what I ordered for myself -Peach & Berries French Toast, a beautiful and tasty brunch to start off my day..

Peach & Berries French Toast RM12
This Peach & Berries French Toast consists of 4 pieces of the toast, peaches and blueberries, together with some blueberry jam on top of it. You can spread it according to your desire.

Does it seems too sweet for you, since there are peaches and berries, and some sifted icing sugar on top??? Guest what, the taste is just nice, never too sweet... somehow, you can cut down the jam if you really do not like it to be too sweet.

The toasts are nice, never too oily and never too greasy. Try this if there is any L.Bistro around your place. Too pricey? aiyo, once in a while, okay la... :P

And this is what my friend ordered - Caesar salad

Caesar salad RM12
The salad sauce tastes very nice, the aroma is different from those standard salad outside there. It is difficult to explain it here, you need to try it out yourself. I like this as much as I like the French toast.

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