Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hang out with my buddy

I hang out with my buddy this evening and enjoy our dinner together.

It is such a long time since we meet each other last time, a lot of things to catch up for both of us. 

We took our dinner at Nando's.. have not be eating that for quite some time. I just ordered the quarter chicken with side dishes, it should be the usual menu whenever I visited Nando's. Hehe..

Here's my dinner tonight

1/4 mild peri chicken with beans salad and potato wedges
How come the chicken looks so small in this photo? Bad photo shooting skill... @_@

After having the dinner, both of us still feel like much more to chat about, therefore we proceeded to Starbucks cafe for another round of chit chatting.

This is the usual drink I ordered almost whenever I go Starbucks, which is the hot chocolate. Well, I don't really able to stand the caffeinated drink, especially when it is night time.

My caramel hot chocolate...

Caramel Hot Chocolate
That's all for tonight, good night!

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