Monday, 18 March 2013

Hokkaido Cake

This is my first Hokkaido cake.

At first I was wondering why everyone is so obsess about this Hokkaido cake. Well, it really taste good, soft and tasty. It's like chiffon cake, may be a little bit sweeter, and with some icing sugar on top of it (well, I guess that is to mimic the snow at Hokkaido...hehe.... )

Hokkaido Cake

The one that I chose is vanilla flavour. Whenever you choose to taste new thing, better take those standard one, for example vanilla or plain one. If it really taste good, then you can proceed to any other flavours.

At least this little snowy thing is not disappoint me at all. I like it, it's much softer than standard chiffon cake and like what I said earlier, a bit sweeter as well. Well, no harm to take some sweet cakes occasionally, isn't it?

You can find this at many different cake shops, go and try out some, it really taste good for those who like simple, soft and spongy cake !

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