Sunday, 7 September 2014

Home Made Aglio Olio ~

New recipe this time~ 

I'm a big fan of Aglio Olio all this while. This has been my favorite or may be my first choice if I would like to go for pasta or spaghetti. The second one will be pasta with marinara sauce, then the least that I like will be carbonara sauce. 

Aglio Olio

This time, my big project is to prepare my very own Aglio Olio! 

I got some very nice, big fresh prawns for my Aglio Olio, thanks to my mum~ Love you mum... The prawns are very sweet and fresh. Fresh ingredients are needed for good food~ hehe... 

These are the ingredients of my aglio olio, simple yet delicious:
1. Spaghetti 
2. SmartBalance oil (well, the original recipe should be using the olive oil, but due to my laziness to purposely go out and buy, I prefer to modify the recipe)
3. Chili flakes 
4. Garlic 
5. Onion
6. Salt

That's all.... simple huh?

A lot of oil is needed to prepare this dish. I never know it until I prepared my very own one. I pour lots of oil, thinking that it should be enough at the first time, but I ended up adding the oil again in the middle of the cooking, as the oil is not visible after I added in the spaghetti. 

After heating up the oil, I put in garlic and onion, you can put more if you like to take those. I put quite a lot of them, well, I like the aroma of them... 

After that, I put in the chili  flakes. Some info for the chili flakes, I tried to search in hypermarket, in AEON and Cold Storage, and guess what? I couldn't find them in the shelves. Surprise huh? Not sure whether it is sold out or it is really hard to get one. I ended up asking opinion from my colleagues and one of them proposed using the chili flakes provided by Domino Pizza. She offered my some so that I can use them in the cooking. Well, the taste is amazing! May be I will use Domino Pizza's chili flakes after this. My advice, keep the chili flakes next time when you order your Domino Pizza. hehe....

Next, just put in the spaghetti and salt for the seasoning. As for the prawns, I just boiled them and inserted them last in the cooking, to preserve the freshness and elasticity of the prawns..

The photos above shows the aglio olio that I prepared for my sister and I.  I cooked extra serving for my lunch box the next day, but my advice is not to do so, as the taste is never as good as it is just freshly cooked. But overall, it is still much better than what I have in the cafe. I'm satisfied though... hehe... 

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