Friday, 19 September 2014

Bird Nest~ A gift from my patient

Good day to everyone~

Share something funny that happened yesterday to all of you. ( yesterday was busy to upload this, having busy schedule)

Can you see what's in the photo? For those who are not familiar with these, these are all bird nests.. The 'original' one... which you can still look at the fur in the bird nest itself. Check out the photo down here.

Below was the conversation between my patient and I :

Patient : Dietitian, do you take bird nest?

Me : No, I'm allergic to it. (thinking the next question is to ask whether he can take bird nest or not)

Patient : Really? Why you allergic to them? I have brought some bird nest, thinking of giving them to you. Bird nests are really good for health. You should take them. 

(talking while taking the bird nests out from his bag)

Me : Ha?? It's ok. I'm allergic to them, you can keep them for yourself. Or perhaps sell them, they are expensive. 

Patient : It's okay. I have plenty of them. I used to eat them, thinking of sharing them with you. Don't be shy, just take them. 

(he passed me the plastic bag with bird nests inside, while explaining how to take out the fur and impurities from the bird nests)

Well, I need to emphasize that I did reject his offer, overall, I'm not fancy of bird nests, but he kept on asking me to keep them. Therefore, here they are, with me right now. LOL.... 

I got bread from an uncle very long time ago, I got mandarin orange from patient before Chinese New Year, I got muruku from an Indian boy last time, and I got Subway vouchers from a patient just one day before this, but this is my first time getting such a valuable gift >> Bird nests!!!

Meaningful experience when seeing patient in outpatient clinic~ Haha...

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