Saturday, 9 August 2014

Potato Vs Vinegar

My dinners again... Today I would like to share a little bit useful information to everyone. I prepared potato for the dinner as you can see from the photo. This is a new cooking my China friend shared with me. I like this very much.

Potatoes is one of my favourite food. This is more interesting when she taught me to add in vinegar into the potatoes during the cooking so that the potato will become crispy. Any type of vinegar will do, I tried the black vinegar and white vinegar, the effect is about the same, only the outcome -- colour is different. The pototes in the photo was added with black vinegar. Therefore the colour is darker. This is something new for me, not sure whether it's new for everyone.

The texture of the potatoes become totally different when added with vinegar. It becomes more crispy and will not become soft and mushy, regardless how long you cook it. Well, I like potatoes, doesn't matter how is the preparation. But this cooking is really interesting and I like the crispy texture very much.

I googled a bit on what actually happen when vinegar is added. As I qoute from this website,
Potatoes are made up of a series of cells that contain starch granules. These cells are glued together with pectin. As the potato cooks, the pectin slowly breaks down, and the starch granules start absorbing water. When you overcook them, the first thing that happens is the pectin breaks down too far. The potato cells start falling away, and the whole thing turns mushy.

Pectin breaks down much more slowly in acidic environments. A tablespoon of vinegar per quart of water was enough to boil the potatoes without having to worry about whether or not they'll overcook. 

I cooked again another potatoes dish with vinegar, this time I sliced the potatoes. The photo above is the outcome, this is more spicy dish, Look at the potatoes, you can see the edge of them are still edgy, and not mushy.

Interesting, right? Just a sharing with everyone!

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