Monday, 18 August 2014

Meeting Running Man ~ HaHa @ Ha Dong-hoon in K-Festival

Well, just a throw back...A sharing for all...  I saw HaHa in Pavilion 2 weeks ago!!!!! It was K Festival event organised by Korea Tourism Organization on 8th of August. For those who likes K-pop, and of course for those who like Running Man, I believe you will know HaHa, one of the member in Running Man, one of my favourite artist.

Opening Ceremony

HaHa was invited in the event and both of my sisters were lucky enough to win the special zone ticket for HaHa fan meeting. Those winners were eligible to get autograph from HaHa. Well, I just able to watch from far since I didn't get the ticket. So pitiful.

HaHa Fans Meeting

One of my sister took the photo with my camera and due to her 'good' photography skill, these are the photo that I can share with you all. Hehe... hope she won't see this post... :p

Look at the crowd!!!! So many youngsters!!! I felt like I'm the minority there, well, I know I'm much older than all of them there. LOL.... 

Apart from that, a group of painters named HERO is also invited to perform on stage that night. They danced while painting, cool! Never think that can happen as most of the paint artist will take good care of their hands, and majority won't involved in something so dangerous for them, who knows what will happen if they fall and broke their hands when dancing. That's very brave of them. Really like this performance!


What a wonderful event to attend!!! 

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